"From one collector to another"

I am just a collector who sells collectibles so I can buy more collectibles.

I am not a professional grader of anything. I may include my opinion of an item's condition, but do not guarantee you or any 3rd party grader will agree with me. I will always do what I can to provide good pictures and information so that you can be the judge and buy with confidence.

I take shipping seriously. All items will be well packaged with the collector in mind. Any major imperfections on the packaging of a collectible will be disclosed in the listing.

For a listing of multiple items: I will photograph one of the items available and/or use stock photos of the item. You can assume the collectible packaging is in excellent condition or better (no major tears, creases, faded artwork or other outstanding issues other than minor shelf wear if that), unless otherwise noted. I do not guarantee any packaging to be in mint condition, even if it is. If you are concerned with the condition of an item, please do not hesitate to contact me for details of the exact item you will receive before or within 1 hour after your purchase. I will respond as soon as I can.

For coins: My opinion of a coin's grade is just my opinion and will include "Details" whether the coin is problem free, cleaned, tooled or damaged.

How I Started

After my father passed in 2020, i inherited his massive collection of coins that I knew nothing about. On my way to the pawn shop to make what could have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life, my friend discovered a FaceBook group for buying and selling coins. I was shocked to see thousands of people on social media so interested in collecting coins and immediately started to second guess the pawn shop decision.

After studying the Coin Groups and staring at hundreds, maybe thousands of coins through a magnifying glass for the next couple weeks, the seeds were planted. I started developing interest in certain coin types, which turned into a passion for the hobby. Unfortunately, coins can be expensive, so in order to afford coins I wanted, I had to make "sacrifices" of the coins I already had. This led to my first sales post, which led to my first sale and ended up being the start of "MC Collectible" 

Over the next 2 years I worked at growing my own coin collection, which meant sacrificing more and more coins to fund my new obsession. In 2022 I started a shop on eBay, titled "Metal Coins & Other Stuff" to reach a larger audience.

Meanwhile, my friend who discovered the coin groups decided coins weren't for him and went on to be a CO-Founder of probably the best Sports Card group Facebook has to offer: CardHub

After a few successful months of selling coins on eBay and trying to maintain my little reputation on Facebook, I started to realize that buyers were thinning out. Not because the hobby was dying, but because... well, lets just say the economy was struggling. 

With the lack of coin sales, i needed something to fill the void. Around the same time, another friend of mine started his own shop on eBay, known as The Stew Shop. He managed to acquire and sell a couple of Funko Pop! collections, which got me thinking...

I spent the next few months scouting the local Target, Walmarts and Gamestops. Before I knew it, my eBay store was filled with Funko Pops! and various action figures. Coins became more of a secondary sales item, though still my primary choice as a collector.

Despite all the fun I was having "Toy Hunting" and reselling, eBay fees and shipping costs were making it hard to justify all the effort and time spent. In the beginning of 2023, I managed to turn my Collection/Hobby into an official business so i could buy in bulk at wholesale prices, not to mention the perk of getting early access to future releases. With that being said, expect to see a lot of stuff roll in this summer and fall (2023). 

After the second fee increase by eBay in just my first year, I realized this couldn't last long term. It was time to move to a new platform. That led me to discover BigCommerce, and build my own site with no outrageous seller fees! However, that also meant no existing users, but that is ok! I would rather sell nothing and keep my collection, than sell everything and give most of my earnings to another company. 

To better reflect my catalog, I changed the shop name to "Metal Coins & Collectibles" which was then shortened to MC Collectible, mainly because that was the only .com domain available, and long story short,  here we are!

It is definitely a work in progress, but I hope to have made it worth your time to browse the current collection and stick around for when new inventory starts rolling in. Thanks for taking the time to read this far. 

To be continued...